In this four week course the student will learn the techniques of handbuilding with air dried clay. It is an ancient method used by the indians to make pottery and other vessels for daily use. The student will leave being able to work at home not needing a kiln or other sophisticated equipment to continue working and will know how to make round and square objects. Topics covered include the coil method where a bowl will be made....the slab method where a square box will be made and finally a class where a basket using slabs can be made or the student can work independently on a project they decide upon themselves.


Supply List:


​*One 20lb box air dried clay from Artist and Craftsmen ( make sure it is soft or it will be unworkable) *one box trash bags ( dollar store)* one spray bottle for water( dollar store)* one empty glass bottle or rolling pin * one large sharp knife for cutting clay * one set of pottery tools ( or a fork, knife and spoon) * one sponge for clay ( or regular sponge dollar store) * one ceramic plate or lazy susan for turning work on *